Wednesday, 12 May 2021

Mental Health Awareness Week 2021

This blog post have been suggested by friend of mine. So I thought I can talk about Mental Health Awareness Week 2021. 

Start: 10th May 2021      End: 16th May 2021 

Mental health awareness week is an event where charities and individuals raise the awareness of mental health & how it does affect the person who happen to have problems relating to his/her mental health.

Although I do not have mental health problems of all sort, it is worth reminder that we bring awareness about mental health in the society. Whatever we live in the world. 

in the second year of the Covid 19 pandemic, it has all impacted our mental health around the world with lockdown restrictions & that we all equally been affected. 

When Covid 19 started to impacting countries after countries & that we had gone into lockdown, in the UK, for me in my own experience, anything news about coronavirus, I started to avoid watching the news & not watching it too much. I done it just to protect my mind & so that I will not lose my sanity. In other words, I wouldn’t lose my mind by becoming mad (or crazy). 

The pandemic have caused a lot of anxieties that affected everyone mentally, the loss of loved one (sad tragedy), Long Covid & all that trauma contributes to being worried so much with conditions that we know: PTSD & anxiety disorder. This is a secondary problem alongside the coronavirus pandemic. 

Now here is my advice to you guys. 

Whatever your situation is, I want to let you know that if you are struggling, feeling down & that it have affected you, your mental health whether is anxiety, depression or low self esteem, you are loved. You are loved. you can find a help from your family, friend or charity (mental health charity) who can provide a support for you. Seek help if you can to help your mental health and to try to prevent anything that can affect your mental health (doesn’t matter if you have mental health illness or not). We all have challenges in our life.

Regardless that we equally have problems of our own, we can still raise awareness about the mental health of anyone. 

So let’s be all kind to ourselves and each other & not looking down at any person just because the person has experienced or is experiencing an different challenge in his/her life. You do matter in this world & that you can overcome any challenges including things that happens your mental health & other areas of your life. Like I said, you are loved. So stay safe, stay blessed and do things that does make you happy & finding time to be relaxed including meditation or something that can boost up to be strongly mentally. Mental fitness. Anything can help you mentally & your lifestyle. So that is my tips for you guys. πŸ™‚πŸ˜€ Let’s all make a difference on this week. Mental Health Awareness Week & I just have made a difference by talking about it. 

Here are helpful sources & photos if you want more information. 

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