Monday, 21 June 2021

Barbershop, money & life changes

What do I begin with the interesting topic? Barbershop, money and life changes. πŸ’ˆπŸ’·πŸ’΅πŸ’ΆπŸ’‡‍♂️πŸ’‡πŸ’‡‍♀️

Couple of weeks ago on my birthday (30th May), I went to the barbers for my haircut.

It was my second time that I had a haircut during the pandemic. Last time when I went to have a hair cut done was in August last year. Prior to Covid & lockdown last year. Price was £10 (before last year’s lockdown). Once the first lockdown was lifted, haircut prices rose to £13. So expensive especially with the effects that happened hair salon/barber businesses in the UK and indeed the rest of the world. I really do feel bad for hair salon & barber businesses who have been impacted badly due to the lockdown measures and the Covid pandemic.

For me I already got used to having a haircut done at my home as my disabled brother’s carer shaved my hair. Also in the past, my dad would cut my hair as well. Given nowadays it is best to save money. I even shaved my hair round 3 or 4 times before with hair clipper. Rather than going to barbers regularly like in one month or two months. I say this as someone with African descent, knowing that my hair is curly & that I do not have long hair like other hairs that are non African. 

When I go to barbers, I would mostly go to barbers that are mainly black (Black British. In between African and Caribbean). Sometimes in the past, I would often go to the other barbers that are Caucasian (white) or Middle Eastern (for instance Turkish). Knowingly barbershop has no colour regardless of ethnicity/skin colour, gender or nationality. The point is that because of the pandemic & that I already got my own hair clipper (which I have it for long time. Long before the pandemic), prices at the barbers nowadays are so expensive. At least earlier this year in January, my mother called my barber to come to my home to shave the hairs of my two younger brothers 

I am not saying don’t go to the barbers. Go to the barbers if you want to. I am saying in regards to money that you can do for any alternative options than always going to the barbershop to spend money for getting haircut done. Haircuts are always cool & nicely done. 

Including the fact that everyone in the whole world including ourselves spent plenty of months, styling hair & shaving hair as part of DIY (do it yourself) way at home. After all, no one wants a bad hair. Especially when it is either messy or that it has not been brushed or combed. 

Lastly when I first went to the barbers in August last year, with barbershops being included as Covid 19 hotspots (& that I know that hair salons have been reopened since last few months). Plus once my barber (which I have known him for years since I was small kid) finished my hair, there was an inspector works for local council (local authority as I live in Barnet, Greater London) who inspected every barbershop & nail salons to follow the rules regarding social distancing & Covid 19 restrictions including the information of close contract (contract tracing which there are some people might not be comfortable of leaving their personal information since the appointments are now mostly call in & online & not walk in due to Covid). 

Because of since the lockdown, I enjoyed having a hair cut in my home five times (three times in last year & two times this year. Plus a haircut at my dad’s place December last year = overall, 6 times), it saves money. I feel going to barbers like once in a month or twice in a month is a waste of money. 

Before, the price of barbers was £10. Now it’s £13 (increased due to the Covid pandemic & inflation given recently the UK had entered in recession for first time since 2009. Now the economy is already getting back on its feet for recovery).

in conclusion: I would always go to the barbers. On occasions only. I am done with going there in two months or one month like I always had in the past. Especially that I am used to having haircut done at my home. Even the carer of my disabled brother doesn’t go to the barbers anymore because of the impact of the pandemic.  

When things happens out of the blue (the coronavirus pandemic), it is where that we ordinary people change our ways (lifestyles) either temporarily or permanently. Life changes. 

Me not going to the hair salons all time is now already permanent as I made a change to my lifestyle. So that is my blog post about barbershop, money and lifestyle changes.

Saturday, 19 June 2021

My first Juneteenth blog message to USA

This is going to be a short blog post. 

I want to say to the American people & the United States of America. 

Happy Juneteenth America from the UK. Finally American people from all races can celebrate this new National holiday about blacks (African Americans) being free from slavery. Especially during the US civil war. 

 I last wrote a blog post about combating racism in all forms. Having Juneteenth as the newest American Federal Holiday since Martin Luther King Jr Day which was introduced in the 1980s is one of the ways to teach about history & to combat racism. Slavery is part of US history. Very unpleasant history. But to not teach & educate everybody about how awful things happened, it means history could be repeated. 

This new holiday in US shows that people can come together to fight oppression and racism in all forms since it is part of history. So I am happy to see that Juneteenth is now a federal/public holiday in the United States. πŸ˜€πŸ™‚πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ 

So If you happen to live in the US, I would like to say Happy Juneteenth. From the UK. πŸ˜€πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

My first ever Juneteenth blog message. πŸ˜€

Thursday, 17 June 2021

Take a Covid 19 jab & ignore disinformation

This blog post is important and advisory one & I want all of my readers to really understand it. Anybody (anti vaxx or not) including you. I am not really an expert on anything health or medical. After all, it is really a matter of life and death and we all experienced challenges in this very difficult times in the pandemic. Thanks for understanding. 

I want to talk to you guys about Covid 19 vaccine.

The Covid pandemic is still with us. However there is a light. Light out of the tunnel. So my birthday message is just take a vaccine. Never mind the nonsense conspiracy theories or any form of disinformation that could stop you from taking a dose of vaccine. Be grateful that you are alive and well. Lockdown measures are lifting despite the surge of new variant which we all have to stay safe, continuing wearing face masks & social distancing. That's where the chains of coronavirus infections can be broken. 

Early this year in February, I recall talking about ethnic minorities being hesitant to take Covid vaccine in my previous blog post I mentioned that it shouldn’t stop anyone to take a dose of Covid 19 vaccine regardless of skin colour. 

So if you have took a dose (first dose) or both doses of the vaccine, well done. If you are not yet vaccinated, then book yourself an appointment to have both doses of the vaccine. I will get both doses of the vaccine as I already received a text and letter, saying that I would need to book an appointment. 

After all, we all want the same thing. The end of the Covid pandemic, mask wearing and social distancing (even if coronavirus - Covid 19 will be with us for the rest of our lives like other diseases). 

So my advice is just find time to receive first and second doses of the vaccine and pay less attention to any disinformation relating to Covid and Covid vaccine. 

Tuesday, 15 June 2021

UK - Australia trade deal is signed

So today’s news in the UK is that the free trade deal with Australia have been announced by Boris Johnson (Prime Minister of the United Kingdom). πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί

Nearly a month ago I talked about concerns regarding the trade deal (now been signed) between Australia and the UK. 

Here is my take on UK - Australia FTA. 

So PM Boris Johnson meets Scott Morrison (Australian Prime Minister) at Number 10 (10 Downing Street) for the announcement of the free trade agreement between Britain and Australia. The deal itself is a raw deal. A raw deal. Bad deal for British farmers. I am not impressed with the Aussie trade deal at all. 

I said before that I am not against free trade in any way. What the government have done is not being straight with the public. Particularly farmers who voted for Brexit and Conservative. Brexit really does complicates things. 

I know where this is going. UK farmers being undercut. Australia having access to UK farms. Australian beef (beef hormones) to be imported to here. We might as well have shipping containers coming from the Land Down Under (OZ) to Brexitland (UK) for days in the oceans. Let’s all remember that geography matters. The UK trades with the European Union (even Tories, Brexiteers and the govt does not like the fact) while Australia trades with New Zealand and China. 

And yet, the UK wants to be in the CPTPP (trade bloc of 11 countries in Asia Pacific) despite we are not in the Pacific region. Global Britain? Oh please. πŸ™„ Britain never stopped when it was an EU member. 

Although there are some good things in the post Brexit - Australia trade deal like studying and working in Australia for those are under 35s (extended from 30 to 35 given there is already a working holiday visas for Brits to go to Australia). Selling British cars, Scotch Whisky and confectionery. All to be sold cheaply in OZ. 

But still, the deal will not be beneficial to anybody who genuinely have concerns about it. 

UK farmers are being sold out due to the post Brexit UK - Australia trade deal. 🀦

I wonder what will come next? USA trade deal with enormous concerns about chlorinated chicken and beef hormones? The government would rather just sign trade deals without really checking of what is really in the deal properly. Just look up at the government’s recent unbelievable blunder regarding the Northern Ireland protocol. Behaving as if they were tricked into signing a trade deal with the EU27 and war of words about sausage imports, and all that stuff. Just to not being sincere & to frustrate the EU. By the way, the UK just held the G7 summit in Cornwall recently. It seems it was overshadowed by Brexit. 

If the govt didn’t liked what has been agreed about the Customs Sea Border in the Irish Sea between Northern Ireland and Great Britain (the one that Boris Johnson famously said there won’t be border in the Irish Sea & was the one indeed created one) then they shouldn’t signed in the first place. All I hear is porky pies & waffles from the government who is really desperate for trade deals around the world so that they can be better off than being an EU member state. 

The UK govt doesn’t seem to realise that countries like the United States can play hardball in trade negotiations. Just look of today’s news about the UK - Australia trade deal. Why? Because Australia played a hardball & see how it came with this conclusive and unbelievable result of the provision being part of the deal. Australia having access to the UK farms access tariff free. Despite they (the govt) say it ”won’t harm UK farmers’s likelihoods). Well I beg to differ. It will harm them and that will be another example of why Brexit shouldn’t really happened in the first place. Especially with lies & the unnecessary referendum which was held almost 5 years ago. 

How sad is that? It is really unfair. And Boris Johnson brags about Australian chocolates (Tim Tam & Arnott’s). “You better run and take cover”.  Because the govt (British govt) have not done homework properly of how to strike trade deal with country in question & wanting it to be “glamorous & perfect” without anything bad which might be advantage for the UK & countries like Australia & America. This is why the government lives in the fantasy world & not in the reality. 

So that is my take on the news about the UK - Australia trade deal. I guess I’ll listen to Men At Work song, having a dream to visit OZ (when Covid crisis is over) & to watch two Australian soap operas (Neighbours and Home Away). Instead of the contradictions & lies from the govt (Conservative Brexit govt) who is not honest & not sincerely reliable. 


Sunday, 13 June 2021

Covid: The way of work has been changed

At the start of this year in January, I recall writing a blog post. Remake the world post Covid 

The pandemic have been going on for a year now. Affected all the sectors of the global economy and every country’s economy including the UK’s economy. Resulting everybody to stay at home due to Covid measures. 

So that is the topic that I want to talk about today. The way of work has been changed. All thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. Why is that? Remote working (working from home). 

I recall reading the article in August 2020 last summer that they (the UK govt including Rishi Sunak & Boris Johnson) wanted everyone to go back to work (including office based workplaces). Even businesses wanted their employees to come back as they were & probably still are on furlough. Well it’s not easy, living with Covid. However the government (I am referring to the British govt & that should applies to other govts in the world) should understand that there are some people who wants to work at home (remote working) just to avoid public transport and journey to work by car (if someone happens who lives far). 

Plus during the pandemic, companies were & still are round of job cuts as there is short of job vacancy in the UK. It is really much harder to find a job during the pandemic than pre pandemic. Warming that London could become a ghost town if staff are not back in work. Given we know very well that London (particularly City of London) is the financial hub & business hub. 

Then couple of weeks ago, empty offices in City of London will be converted into residential homes post Covid pandemic. 

It is clear to me that remote working is now part of our lives. Although remote work is nothing new & that it has existed before the Covid pandemic. 

It is time that we the people around the world embrace it. Especially now as we speak, firms are already doing a hybrid work. Between working in the workplace and working from home which i know it will continue post pandemic. It seems working from 9 to 5 in the workplace (including in work offices in big cities like London) may be the thing of the past & that remote working does offer flexibility. We are seeing the benefits of it. Even me as I am benefiting from remote working despite looking for work and that I just recently earned my first Google Adsense money from advertisement.  

It can be a good thing. Remote working. 

After all, the world of work has been changed forever. 

Throughout history, changes can be either good or bad. Example: there used to be typewriters. Now there are computers. Pen pal writing letters. 

Now we live in the social media age. Even the iconic IPod (Apple MP3 player). Now there are music steaming sites like Spotify and Apple Music. 

With remote working (telecommuting) which is common for those who are teleworkers: Stay at home parent, homeworker, entrepreneur, digital nomand, content creator, traveller, social media personality/YouTuber/vlogger, writer and blogger. Now it is becoming common for businesses who have offices = office based businesses. 

Friday, 11 June 2021

Update: NHS Data deadline extended


Since I last wrote and published a blog post about the government’s awful intentions to sell GP medical information (which is private and confidential), the government have recently delayed the deadline to two months. Instead of 1st July 2021, it will be 1st September 2021. Giving everyone in England a plenty of time to fill in opt out of allowing GP medical information to be sold to third parties and private firms. 

Well I welcome it. The extension of the opt out deadline. However I am not happy with the government (particularly Matt Hancock the Health Secretary & Prime Minister Boris Johnson) for not consulting with the public regarding about it. Other than secretly wanting to sell off medical information that is confidentially private between yourself (patient) and local GP.

At least I will have plenty of time to fill in my opt out because I know for sure that I do not approve it. 

Lastly, I come across this petition which I recommend everybody including those who live in England to sign the petition. 

Saying no to NHS data grab. After all, the government does not care about the NHS and privacy. They care about themselves and self interests & making policies as if that would suit well with the British public (which that doesn’t suit well with me in terms of passing my medical information = my NHS Data to third parties & private companies).

Thursday, 10 June 2021

My first Google Adsense earning

Short blog post

Hi guys. 

This is going to be only time that I talk about my Google Adsense earning in relations to money and finance. Because for me, it is confidential. At least it is going to be one off given I am careful person & that I wouldn’t want to share anything that is personal or confidential unless I feel I should do so. I am satisfied that I spent few months of placing advertisement on my blog. 

My first ever Google Adsense earning. πŸ˜€πŸ™‚ as I earned money. £5.32. Not bad as it is a start. Good start as I used advertisement in my blog. πŸ˜€πŸ™‚

I hope for this new month (June) & afterwards, I’ll earn more than £5.32. So yeah, I previously talked in my blog post that ads were live in once I turned it on. 

My goal is still looking for employment so that I feel I have two jobs. One paid job and another is the one that I am currently doing while getting paid from Google. Google Adsense. One person told me that I should consider of being self employed. Well I will say is that I am not paying myself a money and my blog is not even a company website. I created a blog of my own. Solely to have a passion so I don’t have anything desire to turn my blog into registered company website because I do not wish to be employer in the sense that I should have buildings and all of that. & how would I fit in as self employed given I am a writer & blogger? Unless if I were to have a book publishing business then yes, i would need to be self employed & being my own boss. So i do not really have to go for self employed as I am not a sole trader. Unless if I do go for the job that is freelancing as an freelancer (because my blog is not a business & like I said, I don’t have a desire for that) then maybe. So I do not have anything interests to be businessman. Other than being a content creator. 

So that is the purpose of me looking for work of any type (even my preference of type of job like office, IT, creative/arts, music, films & even hospitality, retail/charity or anything business wise). Me being an blogger means I can use this as a backup job (& earning extra money. Regardless if it is tax free or not) and that I do work remotely (& being flexible). I can even work anywhere (including my work). That is how being blogger is all about. 

My blog is not even about me as an blogger. it is all about how passionate I am when I write blog posts of any topic. It is all about you my readers. You are my audience. πŸ˜€πŸ™‚ At the end of day, that is what I do and I have been doing for 6 months since late 2020 & that I will continue to do so. After all, I am content creator. Not just a blogger and writer. ✍️ You know YouTubers & vloggers earn money because they are just ordinary people like us & not businessmen. It is about increasing web traffic, revenue and managing ad units both on Blogger, blogging sites and YouTube. It benefits vloggers and bloggers. Blogger and vlogger can be anything. Traveller, adventurer, commentator (media, sports, politics, entertainment), singer, musician (either being in the band or being solo musician), teacher, translator, documentary, interview, reviewer, gamer, lifestyle, fashion. It can be any topic in general. That is why we live in the digital age. 

Who knows. Maybe one of you my readers may potentially be my employer. 

Barbershop, money & life changes

What do I begin with the interesting topic? Barbershop, money and life changes. πŸ’ˆπŸ’·πŸ’΅πŸ’ΆπŸ’‡‍♂️πŸ’‡πŸ’‡‍♀️ Couple of weeks ago on my birthday (30t...