Sunday, 16 May 2021

The Tories are taking democracy for granted

The Tories are taking democracy for granted.

So after the success of 2021 local election result in England, the Conservative government & Prime Minister Boris Johnson wants to introduce an controversial voter ID in the United Kingdom.  

This week, it has been mentioned on the Queen’s Speech.

“My Government will strengthen and renew democracy and the constitution. Legislation will be introduced to ensure the integrity of elections, protect freedom of speech and restore the balance of power between the executive, legislature and the courts." - the Queen reading what is included in her speech. Completely an reference to wanting to introduce voter ID & turning local elections into the first past the post.

The Queen read a detail, saying “renew democracy” by bringing something that will be a big disadvantage & that can suppress first time voters, those don’t have home & those are ethnic minority. The Tories have not seemed to realise that voter ID will be very controversial. Wanting to behave as if the UK is America of Europe in terms of voter suppression (with Voter ID/photo ID).

They (Conservatives) wants to be like their US counterpart (Republicans) just to have a outrageous measure being included in the Queen’s speech. Photo ID. Just to benefit them to win elections (local & general elections) comfortably.  

No wonder couple of weeks ago, the GOP governor of Florida (home state of Donald Trump) signed the bill. Voter suppression bill due to the lies that have been said by former President (Donald Trump) who doesn’t want to acknowledge reality by accepting the result of 2020 US Presidential Election & said many rubbish things about “voter fraud” & all that stuff (given there was no actual reported case of voter fraud). 

Even Trump weigh in with his opinion about the British government’s proposed plan for voter ID. 

Plus the government have been planning to introduce an voter ID for years. I even recall reading the Independent article in 2018 about the trial of voter ID that happened in 2018 UK local elections. 

So either that ridiculous proposed idea just to allege as if voter fraud exists in the UK which is  something we know that is non existent. Just for the government to use that narrative regarding rejected ballot (or spoiled ballot) papers in London Mayoral election so that local elections can be changed to the ludicrous first past the post (FPTP) voting system like general election. 

The Tories wants to take democracy for granted by wanting to suppress the vote & they are taking democracy for granted. 

The Conservative Party. They don’t give a damn about democracy. They want to be in power forever (as the Tory Party have been in power since 2010) so that they can turn the UK into one party state like China. Meaning they want the UK to be somewhat China of Europe which will very ludicrous plan. Even Boris Johnson wants to be in number 10 for 10 years as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. They (Tories & Boris) can go to hell. Given they are not thinking properly (& hence the consequences of voter ID if introduced in the UK). The UK is not America. 

Voter suppression with voter ID. Disfranchising voters from voting. Having a paperwork & different form of any photo ID. So because of that, there are plenty of petitions which I have left below for you my readers to sign the petition to stop that from happening. Voter identification. 

Say no to American style voter ID & voter suppression if you do care about democracy regardless what political party that you voted & supported for. 

Please sign the petition now. Thank you.

On final note, we have polling cards for every election in the UK. Local & nationwide general elections. Why voter ID? It makes no sense at all. 

Democracy cannot be taken for granted & the Conservatives are behaving completely undemocratic. No wonder across the pond,  36 states (who are mostly Republican) have enacted voter ID laws. Side of the Atlantic (United States of America) with draconian voter ID laws. We cannot let that happen in the UK. No way!!! Not in our shores. No to voter ID & voter suppression. 

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