Monday, 7 November 2022

My thoughts on US Midterm elections ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

America. ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

The World’s largest economy and the world’s superpower is having an congressional elections (House and Senate) & gubernatorial elections. ๐Ÿ—ณ

What can I say about the current political climate? Well nothing good unfortunately. 

Since early 2021, I have been keeping a eye on the US politics and boy, I have to tell you it is not really good politically. 

In fact recently, I come across this political forecast for the midterm elections tomorrow, it shows the Republican Party now likely to win the Senate

So that means up to few days ago in last week, the Democrats were likely to retain the control of the Senate with small margin. Unfortunately that has completely changed. Flipped over to the Republicans as they (GOP) are now leading the poll for the US senate. 

As for the House of the Representatives, they (Republicans) are likely to win the house obviously. 

So I thought it was going to be divided Congress. Senate controlled Dem & House Controlled Republican. Unfortunately, it will be all Congress controlled Republican. House controlled Republican and Senate controlled Republican. 

The Dems have not done well to put their message across to the American people & Joe Biden has not even done quite enough as the US President since the Republican Party (dominated by Donald Trump & Pro Trump zealots) are winning the argument. They (Republicans) does not even have solutions of how to deal with political topics like the economy in terms of how to tackle inflation (which it has been caused by the fallout of the Covid pandemic, supply chain crisis & the war in Ukraine). All what they advocated for is a trickle down economic measures such as tax cut for the rich. Even during the Trump presidency, Trump tax cuts had benefited the privilege wealthy earners and not the ordinary American citizens. 

And unfortunately despite the horrific incident that happened at Capitol Hill, Washington DC nearly two years on January 6th 2021 that shocked America & the rest of the world, stormed by pro Trump fanatics, Donald Trump & the rest of the Republican Party does not even give a damn except some of the Republican politicians (moderate Republicans who does not dislike Trump & the pro Trump fanatics). I said at the time in January 2021 that they (GOP) should distance themselves from their own leader (who is a sore loser & still not willing to accept the fact that he lost to Joe Biden in 2020 US presidential election & that now he is thinking of wanting to run for the President again in 2024) if they want to be electable again or that they’ll be in political wilderness for years to come. That’s what I said on my other blog post in that same month just few days before Joe Biden was inaugurated as the 46th US President. Noting that Trumpism is the abomination of the Republican Party & it is still the case to this day. & yet they are on track to win the midterm elections by winning the House & possibly the Senate. It seems I may have to eat my own words (saying that the Republicans could be in political wilderness for many years to come with Trump leading the Republican Party) which I hope and pray that it shouldn’t have to be the case. Which still, they still buy into their own leader's lies that he did not lose 2020 US presidential to Biden as we know it is all a load of baloney. 

And what is worse is that recently, Nancy Pelosi’s husband was violently attacked at home in San Francisco, California. Click the link to read more about it the political climate in America is so toxic. It is almost like 2016 over again. I even remembered just before the Brexit referendum that was held here in the UK, Labour MP Jo Cox was murdered by far right extremist

This is what happens when politician (particularly bigoted politician) says things that are totally unacceptable & outrageous in order to incite violence, some will feel emboldened to think that it is okay to go attack politician or a member of the public whether is online (including social media) or offline & not having any sort of remorse. Unfortunately, in this day and age, anything like this can happen. Horribly. Example Conservative MP David Amess was murdered in October last year at his surgery in Essex. 

And finally, Joe Biden’s presidency for the most part have been quite disappointing. From January 2021 to August 2021, Joe Biden’s presidential approval ratings were mostly okay until he totally mishandled the US withdrawal from Afghanistan. The American public was not happy of how the US withdrawal from Afghanistan was done given it was done reckless & chaotically. During that time, I wrote three blog posts about Afghanistan two times in August & one time in September (the following month). I was not very happy at all 

So since then, Joe Biden approval ratings have not been the same. One minute, he (Joe Biden) is the popular American president (until August last year). The next minute (from August last year onwards), he is not. 

And given he has not done anything much to deliver his presidential agenda with his own political accomplishments (whether is executive orders he signed or legislative bills being passed in the US Congress), I said at the time that Biden & the Democrats better deliver something good and credible to the American people. Unfortunately, it is no longer to be the case since President Biden still barely delivered his own presidential agenda (whether is executive orders or legislative bills being passed in the US congress) even he is trying his own to do so but nothing ever translate to any much of his own accomplishment. Because of that and not presenting well to the American voters for tomorrow's Midterms election, they (Democrats) will be toasted by losing the House and possibly the Senate to the Trumpian Republican Party and when it does happen, President Joe Biden must take his own responsibility and to decide that he won't run for the second term (saving himself from the possible humiliation & loss to either Trump or any GOP candidate for 2024 election & because of the old age even he is entitled for the second term) given he was elected to heal the broken country that have been tarnished globally and domestically by 4 years of the chaotic presidency under Donald Trump. 

The American democracy is really at stake and sadly, it will be diminished by Trump and his endorsed candidates who would be winning than willing to lose if that does not go their way (therefore not accepting democracy and to cry foul by claiming "fraud"). It will be a matter of time before democracy is completely eroded and the possibility of the country in civil war. I hope and pray that should not be the case.  After all, Donald Trump is politically toxic to the American politics. I am really not looking forward to Midterms tomorrow so expect the triumph of the Republicans in the House and the Senate.  

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